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Cast metal bug



I have a cast metal insect. Maybe it’s an ant. I’m really not 100% sure. I saw it one day for sale in a shop full of everything under the sun, and I just had to have it. It lives in my office at work, and every few days I move it around to a new spot. Right now it sits on this painting. When I notice it, the bug distracts me from serious things like my job, and makes me smile and gives me some perspective.

I think this is a pretty unusual painting to have hanging in a corporate environment. It’s called Deluge, by the way. In fact just about any painting would seem unusual in my corporate environment. We usually decorate with things that are about the business, and occasionally, a nature photo with a motivational word underneath it, like TEAMWORK. As unusual as it is, only two people have said anything about this painting to me. One of them asked if it was done by a child. I confess I was flattered.

This isn’t the only image I have in my office. There is a bulletin board in there and I have a photo of Tuffy P tacked up, along with a photo of a trout stream, and a digital collage I made ages ago, which I’ve printed out on photo paper. There is also a “note to self” which has hand-written dates for banjo camp and for Clifftop (the Appalachian Stringband Festival). Finally there are a few work-related items tacked up there, things I thought I might need to reference quickly at some point in the future.

My office adjoins another office. It’s a really odd design but once upon a time there was likely a good reason for this. Both offices have their own door but there is also an adjoining door, which most of the time sits open. The fellow who populates that office (or at list did, as he’s been off sick for some time) often worked different hours than me, but I always knew when he was around because he liked to move my bug. I’d come in to work and fire up the laptop, and at some point I’d notice the bug was not where I left it. I’d have to look around the office to see where he moved it to. I kind of enjoyed this – it was like a private greeting.

And then, as I said, the fellow in the other office went off sick and it turned out to be something serious, and I had to move the bug around myself. I haven’t seen him in a few months, but I heard he’s doing better, which makes me happy because he’s a really nice fellow and I like him a lot. I know he’s doing better because his boss told me so, but also, I couldn’t help but notice he’s been around…. a couple times recently, my bug has moved.


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