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Down to Jarvis

Today is Family Day in Ontario, which is a stat holiday for Tuffy P but not for me, since I work for a federal Crown Corporation, but no matter, I took a vacation day – I have a few to use before my retirement kicks in. Tuffy P and I decided to take a drive to Nice Old Stuff in Jarvis Ontario to stock up on stuff to re-purpose in our garden.


At the wheel

The drive started pleasantly enough, but once we passed Hamilton, some freezing rain started. I am not a fan of freezing rain. I’ve had my fill of slipping on ice for some time, thank you very much.


Freezing Rain near Hagersville

Fortunately, by the time we got to Jarvis, the freezing rain was changing to a bit of misty drizzle.

Nice Old Stuff is like a Tardis. It doesn’t look so big from the outside, but it is in fact infinite in size once you make your way in. You’re liable to find just about anything in there.


Inside the Tardis


…and more


…still more

Our goal was to find some bird houses to go on top of the pillars out in the back yard. Our idea is to cover the bird houses with mosaic, and the pillars too. We found some, of course, and loaded up the car with all kinds of other things too, which you will see along the way as we figure out how to use it all.

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