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Party Mix Saga

We had a bag of cat treats for our lions, called Party Mix. As near as I can tell, these are like nachos for cats – maybe not the healthiest vet-approved treat out there, but but cats love them. The other morning we found the Party Mix bag down in the basement, sliced open, much of the contents missing.

Only one thing has changed in our household and that is the addition of the Ladybug to the family. In the dead of night, the little weasel grabbed the bag of Party Mix – and keep in mind, she only has 3 legs – pulled it down from the kitchen counter, dragged it down the stairs and opened it up. Maybe it was her way of making friends with the others – hey look what I got! Dig in everybody!

Score: The Ladybug 1 – Hoomans 0

Fortunately we have much more developed brains than our feline friends. The Party Mix went into a plastic container, and a bottle of vitamins went on top….


Today I arrived home from work to find the vitamins knocked over and the Party Mix container upside down in the sink – intact.

New score: The Ladybug 1 – Hoomans 1

Tie Game


  1. Sneaky kitties 🙂 We have to keep ours completely out of reach/unattainable and our counters clear of anything. One time our cat took an entire loaf of bread of the counter and all the way upstairs. I wish I saw it happen lol. Although, I’m really impressed with her only having 3 legs!

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