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More trees coming down on Twenty Seventh Street


This morning more trees are being removed from the west side of Twenty Seventh Street. I was out at the gym and when I returned, the middle of the three trees across the street at #4 was down and a climber was up in the one on the left, taking it down piece by piece. This property has been severed (granted on appeal by the Ontario Municipal Board), and two houses will be built in that space.

The tree destruction began at #2, where the owner took down 6 mature spruce.

The property at #6 had numerous trees and shrubs around the small bungalow which was in then place. With the exception of one poplar tree in the back, everything has been removed to make room for a very large bungalow, which is now partially constructed.

When we moved here, around 8 years ago, the prevalence of mature trees was a defining feature of lower Twenty Seventh Street. I never imagined that anyone would think it would be a reasonable idea to take down so many trees, nor did I imagine the City would ever allow it.  How disappointing.

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