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Beautiful morning


What a beautiful morning to be out with the partners. This photo was taken from the shore by the water filtration plant next to Sam Smith Park – looking south-west. Sunny, just a little bit cool. Perfect.

We walked through the field behind the yacht club. This field contains numerous boxes for the tree swallows, and from all the activity, I’d say that program has been very successful.


Almost all of the boxes had swallows perched on or near them and there were numerous swallows in the air, enjoying a tasty breakfast from the midge swarm cafeteria.

The birders with the jumbo lenses and the camo outfits were out again this morning, hunkered down on the beach, watching the water. Some of these folks are so serious about their birding, even their camera lenses are camo. Except for the birders and an occasional dog walker, the park was quiet. That will change later today if this beautiful weather holds. Plenty of walkers and cyclists and dog walkers will be out along the paths, enjoying the waterfront. When I’m out by the lake on a morning like this, I think how fortunate we are to live in such a beautiful spot.

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  1. I am always amazed at the size of the lake. Having been away from it for a while, I sometimes forget how massive it is. But it really is a great lake!

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