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Beautiful morning

What a beautiful morning to be out with the partners. This photo was taken from the shore by the water filtration plant next to Sam Smith Park – looking south-west. Sunny, just a little bit cool. Perfect. We walked through the field behind the yacht… Read More

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Coyote in the Park

I was out with the dogs this early morning, walking along the south side of the R.L. Clark water filtration plant, when a coyote emerged up the hill from the lake. It didn’t so much as look in our direction, but trotted along the trail… Read More

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Magic moment

I use a Blackberry at my job and when I have it with me it means I also have a camera with me. But I don’t have a personal supercomputercamerasmartphonedevice and I’m not really Jonesing to get one. If I had one and I carried… Read More

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The Plot Thickens

Look what was posted over at the leash-free area at the R.L. Clark Filtration plant today. I assume this stuff was posted by the person who was there expressing her opinion last evening. A gate would certainly solve the problem of the dog area cutting… Read More

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The Fence

The City has been building a fence at our local leash-free park at the R.L.Clark Filtration Plant. Some readers may recall the post I made on this subject some time ago on this blog. My position has been that the dog park is poorly located… Read More