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Teacup bird feeders


Our two teacup birdfeeders in the canoe garden didn’t fare too well over the winter. Mostly the problem was the squirrels, who learned to climb the copper pipe to get the sunflower seeds. One of the feeders was badly bent and another had a broken saucer. We had an extra one (we made a few last year), so I replaced one, and added the saucer from the bent up one to the feeder with the broken saucer, and now we have two good ones again. I like these feeders because the sunflower seeds attract cardinals to our front window and they’re a treat to watch.


  1. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    Squirrels can be discouraged with all sorts of clever home made devices

  2. I’m against rats swimming up through the toilet. That would pretty much freak me out. The feeders do attract rodents around here, but the squirrel variety.

  3. Cute!

    I’ve thought ot having feeders in addition to my bird bath fountains, but the County warns about them attracting rats and since a rat once swum up through my toilet from the local sewer system, I’ve never felt safe about it.

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