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Imagination Stations


Imagination Station #1

I did some work on Imagination Station #1 today. Gravity was beginning to win the battle with this one. I jammed some strong sticks here and there to add structural and dimensional stability. After all, how can imaginary creatures live in an imagination station which is falling down? It’s pretty strong now so I should be able to apply more stuff to it over the season without it collapsing.


Imagination Station #2

Imagination Station #2 remains structurally as sound as it ever was, but it is looking a little sparse. As I continue to clean up the garden I’ll add material to this one. I’m thinking of making a pea gravel pathway to this structure as well. One of the great features of this imagination station is that it has been invaded by my neighbour’s aggressive grape vines. At it’s peak last year, the vines totally covered the roof.

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