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Episode 8: The 27th Street Podcast

The 27th Street Podcast is back after a brief hiatus. This episode features my conversation with Mike Chew in the Dogwood Banjo workshop in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I was in the Twin Cities to pick up Dogwood Banjos # 52, which Mike made for me. I really enjoyed our conversation, while Mike put the finishing touches on my instrument.


Dogwood flower and leaves inlay

Download the podcast here

Podcast music: intro – The Forky Deer; outro – The Banjo Tramp – both played by me on my new Dogwood banjo.


Curly maple neck, fretboard bound with ebony.

This banjo has a 25.5 inch scale length. Curly maple neck, bocote fretboard, wenge rimcap and tone ring, natural skin head.


mayfly inlay.jpg

Mayfly inlay

Dogwood banjos website: or visit the Dogwood banjo page on facebook.

Additional photos



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