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Two kinds of games

Today in my travels I passed a large television screen tuned into soccer or futebol or whatever you like to call it. They were interviewing an expert who was explaining the finer points of the game. He said there are two kinds of games – when you have the ball…..and (wait for it) …when you don’t have the ball. And this was the best part….. the team that doesn’t have the ball wants to get it back.

Now I understand. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to listen for more nuggets.


  1. I have never, ever understood the human fascination with teams of people vying for control of a sphere of some sort or other, or the obsession with “who beat”.

    I guess it’s a sort of attenuated form of the fascination with brutalizing each other on a battlefield for control of a certain territory, so I guess that’s some sort of sublimation and improvement, but since it accomplishes exactly nothing, and is profoundly boring, I still don’t get it. Commentary like this sort of proves my point. There’s nothing there.

    I lift stacks of iron plates, but there’s a purpose to it.

    • Thanks for your comment. Perhaps one of the characteristics of humanity is that we do all kinds of things beyond those which have an obvious purpose. Besides the example of sports, there is art, literature and so on.

      • Art and literature express something — at least when not deliberately inane (John Cage and much modern “art” come to mind). I can’t see any net elevation of the human condition in flailing a ball around according to a set of artificial rules, and that’s what I thought your vignette perfectly captured -the full absurdly of it.

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