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Polka King strikes it rich

Every now and then good things happen to polka accordion players. I heard on the radio this morning that 81 year old Walter Ostanek, known as Canada’s Polka King, has won a million Canadianos in the London Dream Lottery, a hospital fundraiser. He’s still playing gigs every day of the week with no plans to slow down. I wonder if there is a new accordion on the horizon? Way to go, polka-man.


  1. Aw, this made my evening. In my twenties I sang with a Kraut chorus that would crank it up on holidays and polka till they puked. The accordion player usually fell over like a tree in the forest and that would end the evening. This gentleman clearly has more stamina, he deserved the good fortune

  2. East Texas Red

    How is it possible that the guy who has grammies nods out the kazoo for polka records…is buying lotto tickets?…Geez he must have made billions off those polka albums…

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