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Is this a thing?

On each of the past 4 days, while out walking the Partners, I’ve seen bicyclists (4 different ones) riding no hands while texting, paying no attention at all to what is in front of them. I have little doubt these folks will find themselves in hospital sooner rather than later.

Today’s guy, though, was special. He was cycling no hands, texting one-handed, AND drinking a bottle of iced tea. When he finished the bottle he absently pitched it into somebody’s garden. This all happened very fast. I blurted out, “hey Buddy, there’s a garbage a block away in the park.”

Buddy flipped me the bird.



  1. Miss Polly

    They must be playing some moronic online app that dares you to risk your life for fictional points or currency. I myself don’t want to ever be associated with a bunch of plastic flowers on a Telephone pole. I will stick to riding with a helmet and following the rules of the road.; two handed except to signal my turn.

  2. Patience

    Well that’s just a combo of scary and awful. I’ll be sure to watch out for these sloppy turkeys!

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