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Checking in

This space has been bare for a few days, an unusual condition – but for those who look forward to these posts I haven’t gone anywhere.

I had some kind of stomach bug – I think it’s something going around because Tuffy P had similar symptoms for a few days prior. Either that or it was my decision to eat some ribs at the CNE last weekend. Who knows. I had to deliver works for my exhibition at yumart on Tuesday and it was all I could do to accomplish that.

Speaking of my exhibition, it’s up now at yumart. The opening reception was Saturday, and just in the nick of time I started to feel human again. Thanks to everyone who came out to the opening. I really appreciate the support. The show is on until October 1. I expect to be at the gallery on Friday afternoon if anyone wants to talk to me about the paintings and drawings.

Next week, Tuffy P is going to hold the fort for a couple days while I take a quick road-trip to Ottawa to visit some friends. Since retirement, I don’t miss the work-a-day world even a tiny bit, but there are a few folks I know from work I’d love to spend an evening with and at the same time I’m going to enjoy dinner and some refreshments with my pal East Texas Red. I’ll take advantage of the opportunity to spend a few hours at the National Gallery – I haven’t been there in a few years.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on the latest Lazy Allen story, and I hope to have that posted soon for the select few readers who have been following this project. If you’re interested in checking the stories out, visit my stories site to read the latest, Bananas Foster and all the rest.

I hope to get out to the enchanted mushroom forest for a few hours at least one day this week. Recently, some ornate boletes and some scaber stalks have been fruiting, welcome after a dry summer which left me without chanterelles, lobsters and hedgehogs.

That’s it for now. I’ll leave  you with a fun photo Tuffy P took of the Ladybug, one of our cats. bugs.jpg

I attempted to link up this little post to my facebook page, but the facebook security system has detected objectionable elements and has blocked my ability to make that link. I feel like such an outlaw, making controversial blog posts with provocative cat pictures.

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