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Family Selfies, construction safety and Hollywood North

Yesterday was our 15th Anniversary. Time for some family selfies. Tuffy P dug out her wedding dress and slipped in on over her plaid shirt. Perfect for a rainy evening.

In this photo, Georgie gets whacked by Jacques….


….and here The Partners are the stars of the show


Yesterday got off to a strange start. The construction crew across the street left a gasoline can sitting beside the road outside their construction fence, and another one sitting on the porch of one of the unfinished houses, an invitation for a neighbourhood fire. I’m looking forward to the day when these guys finish and get out here. I’m really getting tired of all the construction.

Through the morning, the street filled up with an extensive film crew, who are shooting a feature film called Legacy. They set up a base camp on Twenty Third Street, with trucks parked up most of the length of the street. On Twenty Seventh they were filming up the street and filled every available parking spot on both sides of the street from Lake Prom up to Jasmine. Off-duty police were stationed at top and bottom of the shoot, controlling traffic. I suppose there is some value to the City to have films made in Toronto, (and hopefully the neighbours whose lawns and homes were invaded were suitably compensated) but between the film gang and the construction crews, our quiet street was quite a zoo yesterday. They didn’t pack up until after 11.

We were gone for a while – we went out to Anatolia for some delicious Turkish food to celebrate our anniversary. When we came back there was a tractor-trailer on the street with an NYPD police car on the trailer. It was really chaotic. People were wandering about the middle of the street, other people jockeying vehicles around. I suppose this is exciting to some people, but I’d just as soon they filmed elsewhere.

Back in the day, when I lived in the old casket factory building on Niagara Street, there were film crews around all the time. One morning I was sitting on the sofa in my studio, reading a novel, with my cat William purring on my lap, when we heard them out in the hallway. “OK, QUIETTTTTT. READY……ROLLING”. At that point, William jumped off my lap, ran over to the door and let out a blood-curdling scream. “What the hell was that?” “I don’t know. TAKE TWO. QUIETTTTTT. READY…..ROLLING.” William let out another screech on cue. This happened 3 or 4 times. Then somebody had a bright idea, and tried to bribe him by sliding a slice of ham under my studio door. I snuck over to the door and tugged the ham in as it was offered. “OK, QUIETTTTT. READY….ROLLING.” Again, William let out a scream so loud you would hardly believe it came from a cat. He was having a great time. Finally they switched to PLAN B. When I left my studio there was sound baffling covering my door and the wall along my studio. What fun.

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