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Revisiting the daily paper

Back when I was in the workaday world I was a media guy. It was expected that I was aware of the news and how it related to the company. I looked at a number of key papers across the country on a regular basis – online – and along the way, I lost my taste for reading the daily paper.

Tuffy P reads The Star and The Globe on Saturdays thoroughly (we still get them delivered), but by the time weekends came around, I was done with the news. Part of it was a growing cynicism about how the news is reported, having seen first hand how some media outlets frame, position or twist events to make stories seem more or less significant.

Recently, one of our local papers – the Star –  started delivering a paper to our door each day, even though we did not subscribe. I suppose this was a marketing effort. After a while, I found myself leafing through the paper over morning coffee, checking out stories that interest me, then doing the sudoku and the crossword puzzles. I confess I began enjoying the daily paper again.

Then this week the deliveries stopped. To make a long story short, we’ve decided to subscribe to the daily paper, after not doing so in many years. I realized I liked the newspaper format. Sure finding news online is fine and fast and easy, but there is something about having that package of news in paper format I rediscovered over the past couple weeks. I realized I liked the puzzles on newsprint too. Maybe I’ll tire of these deliveries after a few months. Time will tell.

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