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15 Stories

From the shameless self-promotion department:

For those who have missed it, I’ve published a group of stories (15 and counting) in serial format at a blog site, These are short-short fiction under the title The Lazy Allen Stories. They are set in 1982 in Toronto and are told in the voice of a character named Lazy. Lazy tells stories about his life working on the line in a bottling plant, stories of an earlier time when he was a musician in polka bands, and stories of a new adventure with his pal Staashu Dudas about a polka-punk band called The New Polka Kings.

I post links to each new story here at 27th Street. I’d like to send out a big thanks to those readers who have been following this project. You know who you are.

I don’t know much about fiction writing or getting fiction published (I’m a painter first and foremost), but I’m writing these things anyway (it seems they’re in me and want to find a way out), and I’m taking the most direct approach I can think of to find some kind of audience – putting them online.

If you like it here at 27th Street, who knows you might like the stories too. You can read them as individual stories or you can read them from the beginning in serial form. For those who want to read them as a serial, I’ve created a menu at the top of the stories page…first one is The Bottle & Can and the most recent story is True North.

I hope you enjoy the stories.

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