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15 Stories

From the shameless self-promotion department: For those who have missed it, I’ve published a group of stories (15 and counting) in serial format at a blog site, These are short-short fiction under the title The Lazy Allen Stories. They are set in 1982 in… Read More

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The Bottle & Can

Here’s another short-short story I wrote. Like Star Beauty it’s part of a group of stories I’m working on I call the Lazy Allen Stories. I don’t really know what to do with these stories, so for now I’m simply going to try to write… Read More

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Liar Liar

So that baseball star, Mark McGwire has admitted what apparently most people suspected for years, that he cheated by taking steroids and steadfastly lied about it over and over again. I just wish the sports people would make up their minds. I think there is… Read More