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Fish Tales #1: Leeches

When I was a young lad, I watched my dad and my big brother Joe get ready for their fishing trips, load up the station wagon and take off up north somewhere or other. When they returned, they brought stories of their adventures and sometimes… Read More

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A new suite of stories

Now that I’ve completed the 17 short-short stories which make up the serial I call The Lazy Allen Stories, I’ve decided to continue to write really short stories. The new stories – called Work – will share neither a group of characters nor a story-line.… Read More

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15 Stories

From the shameless self-promotion department: For those who have missed it, I’ve published a group of stories (15 and counting) in serial format at a blog site, These are short-short fiction under the title The Lazy Allen Stories. They are set in 1982 in… Read More