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At the front of our house there is a screen door and a wood door. This afternoon I had the wood door open and the window in the screen door open to get some fresh air in the house, since it was such a beautiful day.

George, one of our Newfs, likes to lie down against the screen door. He’s discovered that the latch doesn’t always close properly and he can nudge open the door with his nose or his paw and enjoy the fresh air but sticking his ever so large snout out the door. He was there this afternoon when Jack Shadbolt, one of our cats came to the front door and demanded entry. I was sitting at the computer just around the corner.

George opened the front door to let Jack in. He’s never done that before. Good thing he doesn’t have opposable thumbs or there would be no stopping him.


  1. I had a cat who could work doorknobs! Fortunately the front door was too difficult for her. But she could open the basement door with her two forepaws. Now I have a retarded tortie who shuts doors while trying to push them open wider. You get a spread.

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