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Modern Fit?

This morning I trundled off to my local Mark’s Work Warehouse because I needed various items of clothing – I’ve been putting it off because I’m not much on clothes shopping. I was looking at some shirts in the store and there was a sign saying “Modern Fit”. Another rack had a sign that said “Classic Fit”. Geez Louise, this is worse than trying to figure out coffee sizes at FiveBucks. At any rate I eventually found the stuff I needed and headed for the cash.

I could not leave the store, however, without commenting. “Sorry to have to ask,” I said, “but what the heck is “Modern Fit” vs “Classic Fit”. The clerk told me it was like a code. Modern Fit apparently means “slim fit”, like the funny suits those guys wore last season on Hockey Night in Canada. “Classic Fit” means the clothes are roomier and I presume more comfortable. Apparently modern men are skinnier than classic men. Who knew?

I could have left it at that, paid for my clothes and just left, but I had to ask, “What then is Post-Modern Fit?” The clerk looked at me for a second, trying to decide if I was serious. Then she started laughing. I laughed too. My guess is post modern men wear “chinos”. I don’t know what a chino is exactly, but I first heard the word around the same time I first heard about post-modernism. I didn’t ask about “deconstructing” the clothing size corporate linguistic system though, but I confess I thought about it. I also considered asking about neo-modern fit, addressing the critique of modernism by post-modern clothing manufacturers.

There are so many codes you have to understand to navigate your way through the world these days. This can be difficult for me. I don’t even know who the latest pop-stars are. Alas.


  1. Miss Polly

    This post was laugh aloud good times for me today because I was drafting an email in my head earlier and I thought of communicating something in it about ‘my best friend” which immediately led me to question if anyone other than those marketing dog food and diamonds refer to someone’s best friend any more… It’s all BFF this and BFF that. Not knowing much of anything about post modernism I will take a stab and say that a post modern best friend might be described as “my closest non-family acquaintance – but I reject you forcing me to impose a label on it” ??? Lol

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