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2 Speeds

Puppies have two speeds: full-tilt boogie and asleep. Little Ruby is a joyful pup. She adores George and constantly wants him to play. Sometimes in the back yard they chase each other around and have a ball. Other times he’ll grunt at her in an effort to go back to his nap.IMG_7208.jpg

Ruby watches George all the time and she’s learning a lot about being a dog around this place from him. On walks, she is happy to follow him around. If Big George is going there, Little Ruby wants to be there too.

At not quite 12 weeks, Ruby is getting the idea that she is to relieve herself outside. At first, she didn’t differentiate the deck from the rest of outside, but it was a start. Now she’s started doing her business on walks, which is met with loads of excitement from  us humans. We are 2 full days accident-free, which I did not expect this quickly. I’m hopeful that will continue, although I recall that while George “got it” quickly, there were occasional accidents in the first couple months we had him.

We have a little shoe box sitting in a corner for Phyllis. None of the other cats care about it, but she likes to sleep in that box for hours. Not now, though. Ruby has the box and has designated it a toy, after having run around the house with it.




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