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Water in the house is only good if it has been refilled in the last 2 minutes. Rainwater in an old flowerpot sitting on the deck is always delicious.Muddy puddle water is a special treat + there’s a chance to get muddy at the same… Read More

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Sunday Walk With Ted

This week’s Sunday walk was hi-jacked by The Partners. “Hey, where do you think you’re going?”“What about us?”“Yeah, what about us?”“C’mon, man. It’s a beautiful day. We should be part of your plans.”“Yeah, what he said.”“Go on. Get the leashes. We’re ready”.“Woof, already.” So I… Read More

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Slow George

Between the ice and the salt, winter is hard on paws. Last week both Ruby and George developed raw paw pads. On Saturday morning though, George couldn’t put any weight at all on his front right paw. Now George is a big boy, and not… Read More