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Name that bird

This bird visited one of our feeders today. We’re thinking maybe it’s one of the grosbeaks since it seems to have an oversized beak but we’re not sure. Can you identify this one?




  1. Another choice: My brother the trout sent the photo to a naturalist who said the bird was neither a pine grosbeak nor a house finch, oh no no no. He says the bird is a male purple finch, although he concedes the other choices were good guesses. He says the pine grosbeaks are larger with a heavier bill and less streaking on the flanks + very prominent white wing bars. House finches are more orange with grey on the cap and cheeks and less orange on the breast. He said the purple finch has been described as a bird that looks like it had a raspberry jam poured over its head.

    • Thanks Bernie. One of my FB friends suggested the house finch is smaller than the the grosbeak and has less delineation in the wing markings.

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