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Bird is the Word

Two starlings stopped by the feeders today. They’re so pushy and rude and they don’t like to share. We also had a mourning dove enjoying seeds spilled on the ground by the starlings. Some of the sparrow colony stayed inside the condo today, enjoying some… Read More

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Snow Birds

The snow is coming down pretty good around here but the local birds are quite active. I dropped Tuffy P at the GO Station this morning and when I returned home I took a few minutes to refill a couple of the backyard feeders. They’ve… Read More

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Back in Black

The red-winged blackbirds are back. Over the past few days they’ve been making an appearance in the back yard, bullying the smaller birds from the feeder. Inside, the cats watch them intently. We call it bird TV. They watch out the windows for hours. There… Read More