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Urban Wildlife

We’ve had coyotes, possums, raccoons, skunks, owls, various hawks, nesting mallards, a bald eagle and even a lost dog show up around here over the years. Yesterday, my neighbour across the street texted to say she had a wild turkey in her backyard. It hung… Read More

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The Birds Out Back

Temperatures are mild this morning and it’s even a little sunny. The birds out back are very active. Lately we’ve seen lots of chickadees and nuthatches and juncos, but this morning there were goldfinches, house sparrows, mourning doves and house finches. The goldfinches lose their… Read More

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I cleaned the bird feeders the other day, replaced one that has seen better days, and filled them up and hung them in the big old apple tree out back. The chickadees were among the first to notice we were open for business. It looks… Read More

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House Sparrow

The house sparrows have a reputation for being dull and boring, but I enjoy the colony of them living around us. In their own way they are beautiful and fascinating.

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Piping Plovers

It’s not every day you get to see an endangered species in its natural habitat. Piping Plovers are little shorebirds that hide in plain sight on beaches, and Presqu’ile Park near Brighton Ontario has a significant Piping Plover nesting area. I visited Beach 1 on… Read More