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Bird is the Word

My bird friends were waiting when I went out to refill the feeders in the snow this morning. It took Mr. Cardinal and his buddies all of 15 seconds to get on the feeders after I filled them.

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Black-crowned night herons

Over the past several days, there have been black-crowned night herons hanging out in Sam Smith Park. If you want to see them, head for the bridge just to the west of the yacht club and look north. You will likely see a couple people… Read More

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What the Crow Said

It was chaos up in the spruces out back yesterday. There is a colony of red-winged blackbirds living up there somewhere in the high branches. Mid-afternoon a raiding party of crows showed up, creating havoc. The blackbirds did not take this sitting down. The whole… Read More

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Sneaky Robins

I was out messing about in the back yard this afternoon, doing some early garden work, when I noticed robins flying over to a basket which is part of our first Imagination Station. The birds were perching on the edge of the basket then hopping… Read More