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The OA – how peculiar and refreshing!

Last night we watched the last of the 8 strange episodes which make up the Netflix series, The OA. It is difficult to describe the show without making it sound totally goofy (think multiple dimensions and strange but powerful dance moves), but oddball as the premise might be, The OA is wonderfully compelling and unusual television, and we gobbled it up, one episode after another.

The plot of the series unfolds as the main character tells her story to a disparate group of people gathered in an abandoned house. Her story involves near death experiences, kidnapping, a crazy evil scientist, and an elaborate prison in an abandoned mine. The main character is called Prairie by her adoptive parents, but she rejects that and tells folks she is The OA, as if it is a perfectly reasonable name. We know she disappeared for several years, and we know that she was blind when she disappeared but could see when she returned – and we know she returned with strange scars on her back. What happened? We only know what The OA tells us, but is she a reliable storyteller?

After 8 episodes, there remains a load of questions, and I’m good with that. In my mind, it’s OK to leave it be at this point, without attempting to resolve the story further – although I suspect Netflix will not be able to resist creating more episodes in the future.

The OA is wonderfully imaginative (to the point of being almost wacky), enigmatic and refreshingly difficult to categorize. How did something like this wind up on television?


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  1. I’m a fan of Brit Marling. When I learned that she was part of the new Netflix hit series, THE OA, I couldn’t wait to see it. It didn’t disappoint.
    When I’m asked to describe the show, I give a pretty general description… and at some point… I ask myself; “Dare I tell them the truth? That this series is a a kind of new age, hippie scifi fantasy thing?” … I mull that over while my mouth blabs away about some of the incredible visual tricks, the wonder that is Brit Marling, and the clever story…. Usually they are convinced by the general, generic “great scifi show:” pitch and… they’ll watch it cause I like it… and I don’t have to bother about some of the more “discreet” aspects of THE OA… but I’d like to tell them that… Brit Marling is one awesome post milenium hippy (in the best, most complimentary way). I’m glad that she’s getting work… I can’t wait to see what she does next.

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