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Lazy Allen – 2 more stories coming

As some of you know, I’ve been writing a series of short-short stories called The Lazy Allen Stories, and putting them up on their own site for anyone who wants to read them. There are 16 of them up now. These stories, set in 1982, are all in the voice of a character named Lazy.  There are three streams to the stories. In some of them, Lazy talks about his past adventures as a musician, playing accordion on the polka circuit. In others he talks about his life after the music career went to hell, working the line in a bottling plant. In still others, he tells stories about his return to music, joining his buddy Staashu to form a band, playing a strange hybrid of polka and punk.

I think there are just two more stories remaining in this series, and I’m working on those now. I say I think there are two more remaining because they’re not done yet and anything can happen. I hope to have one up this month, and the last one up in March if all goes well.

For those readers who might be interested in giving these stories a read, this would be a good time to catch up. There’s a menu up on the main story page listing all the stories by title in the order in which they were written and published. Each are individual stories but they are related. If, in a fit of madness you decide to read all of them, I recommend starting with The Bottle & Can and continuing in order from there.

Putting these stories up on a blog was an experiment of sorts. I was writing these things and I didn’t really know what to do with them so I decided to simply give them a space of their own and share them, having no idea what to expect. My hope was that if people liked them, they might tell their friends. As it turned out, not very many people have visited the stories blog at all, and there are 0 comments to date – but at least the material is preserved online and is available if anyone is interested along the way.



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