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Jimmy Driftwood

Jimmy Driftwood was born James Corbitt Morris in 1907. He lived until 1998 and in that time he is said to have written over 6000 songs, over 300 of which were recorded by various people. Among the tunes he wrote was Battle of New Orleans, made famous by Johnny Horton.

Another well known Jimmy Driftwood tune is Tennessee Stud.

Tennessee Stud was well covered. Here is a great version by Johnny Cash….

The first time I heard Tennessee Stud was from a recording by Ramblin’ Jack Elliott. The next time it was Doc Watson. Here’s Doc with Merle and friends.

Finally, here are Chuck Anton and Jim Shroka playing the Jimmy Driftwood / Ramona Jones version of Valley Forge.


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  1. I remember well the Horton version of Battle of New Orleans.
    To tell you the truth, though, I’m not sure if I ever herd of Jimmy Driftwood before seeing your piece. I’m going to look him up on Wikipedia.

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