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A little re-decorating

We’ve been doing a little re-decorating here on Twenty Seventh Street. To start with the kitchen is now a new calm and soothing colour – crazy-assed pink. It really makes the cupboard mosaics pop!


Those who know our place know the dining room and living room (or as we call it, the office) have old and well-worn hardwood floors. At one point we had painted the floor in the dining room tile red, but it was in need of fresh paint and at the same time, we wanted to extend the paint job into the office area. I know some of you are thinking, what, you’re painting hardwood floors?! Yes, it’s true. I know a lot of folks really love swanky hardwood flooring but we’re not them.

One night we were out for dinner and the restaurant we were at had painted wood floors in a black and white checkerboard pattern. We both looked at it and knew this is what we needed at our place. The office still needs a coat of a clear-coat finish, which will happen tomorrow, but here is the dining room.


Painting floors in a house with two Newfs and several cats is a challenge. Today the Partners spent much of the day out in the back-yard and the cats were locked in our bedroom. Yesterday afternoon, two of the cats found wet black areas to walk through making black paw-prints everywhere as I chased them through the house. A minor calamity.



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