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Our lumberjack whirligig suffered the ravages of winter and is down for repair. Fortunately, we have a back-up. I gave the fisherman a tune-up today to get him working well and installed him up front on the pole.

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Power back on

Toronto Hydro reconnected our power tonight just before 10:00 PM. Good thing we have a woodstove in the room above the garage, which kept us toasty during the outage. Meanwhile, my car decided to crap out this evening. I changed and was about to head… Read More

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A little re-decorating

We’ve been doing a little re-decorating here on Twenty Seventh Street. To start with the kitchen is now a new calm and soothing colour – crazy-assed pink. It really makes the cupboard mosaics pop! Those who know our place know the dining room and living… Read More

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Bathroom reno continues. When the south wall came off, it revealed some curious artifacts. These were part of an old window. They hung along the sides and must have been used as ballast to make the window function smoothly. When the old window was replaced,… Read More