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Kidney Car

We bought a 2001 Corolla back in 2007. It was in great shape with only 53k km on it and it’s been a fantastic car for us. It’s getting old though, and it was time to get Tuffy P something considerably newer, and at this point more reliable. Off we went car shopping.

Neither of us like car shopping very much, but we gritted our teeth and salllied forth into the car swamp. Eventually we decided on a slightly used Honda Fit, and found exactly what we were looking for at a price we were willing to pay at a dealership up in Huntsville, a couple hours north of the city.


We decided to donate the Corolla to the Kidney Car program to help out the Kidney Foundation of Canada, rather than trade it in for a wee bit of cash or try to sell it privately for a bit more. Although it’s getting old, the Corolla is still running well and the Kidney folks will auction it for whatever they can get.


What is Kidney Disease?
What does the Kidney Foundation do?


  1. Miss Polly

    Congratulations to Tuffy P! Looks great and I love a hatchback. Someone I am sure will love the Corolla and the donation is awesome too.

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