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Another unexpected find

After walking The Partners yesterday evening, I thought I’d take out the garbage and the recycling as pick-up is this morning. As I pulled out the garbage bin, I notice something unusual tucked in the corner by the fence….


Sorry for the picture quality. It was early evening and I should have used a flash. You get the idea though. It’s the first time in all the years we’ve lived on 27th Street a morel has shown up around the house.

I was thinking about how I’m going to cook the morels I found yesterday, and I remembered I have ramps growing in the forested bit of the back yard. These ramps are from a forest which is becoming increasingly surrounded by housing developments. I transplanted a shovelful of them a three years ago so they would not be lost when the forest is finally completely usurped. It seems like everything is being turned into housing developments these days. They have taken to their new spot quite well. Ramps are very slow to spread and my plan has been to just leave them alone, but I’m considering harvestingĀ  a very small portion today to go with these morels.

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