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A big night for banjo enthusiasts

In a rare Toronto appearance, Bob Carlin played a great show at the Dakota Tavern tonight with our own Lonesome Ace Stringband.


Bob is a master clawhammer banjo player. I’ve previously met him and taken some of his workshops at Midwest Banjo Camp. He learned his craft from some of the best old time players including the late Joe Thompson and the late Tommy Jarrell. He is also an old time music historian, and has written an excellent book published last year called Banjo: an illustrated history.

Here’s Bob Carlin from 2014, performing a Chris Coole song called Old Dog. Carlin and Coole performed this one together tonight.

Carlin played a solo set tonight followed by a set with the Lonesome Ace Stringband (Chris Coole, John Showman and Max Heineman). Together they played a set of tunes Carlin used to play during his 6-year tenure with John Hartford’s band.

It was a treat to have Bob Carlin play in Toronto and I was happy to see a really good crowd out for the show.


In other old time music news, a new recording by April Verch and Joe Newberry was released this week. It’s called Going Home. April Verch and Joe Newberry have played a quite a number of shows together in the past year or so. There are quite a few YouTube videos featuring the pair of them.

Here they are performing a Joe Newberry song called Jericho from the new recording.

I’ve been a fan of both performers for some time and it’s a treat to hear them performing together.


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