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More construction chaos on Twenty Seventh Street

Today Twenty Seventh has been closed much of the day from in front of our place south to beyond #2 as crews dig up the street. I presume they are doing the sewer connections for the pair of builds at #4, but they have also dug up the street in front of #2 so maybe there was a problem with the original connection there.

I don’t mind saying I’m tired of the construction. Hopefully this will be the last of the heavy equipment resulting from the builds across the street.

It looks like the huge silver maple in front of the house next door survived the construction very well, and I’m grateful the builders took care to keep away from it during construction – but its sister tree across the street at #2 looks to be dying. One side of it has leafed out in a half-hearted way this year but the other side remains woody.

The damage to the tree across the street is no surprise. When they excavated the driveway for #2, I guess the tree protection zone was in their way so they removed it while they dug. Then, to connect the sewers up at that address, they dug a trench not very far from that giant maple, cutting main roots all the way down. Yes, I complained to Urban Forestry and our elected representative, Mark Grimes. (It was at this same property  by the way that 6 mature spruces were destroyed without permit).

The Forestry folks sent someone around and I was told that yes the trench was damaging the roots but it should be OK. I suppose it is possible the maple will recover in time, but it looks grim to me.  If that maple dies, it will leave just one front yard tree for the 3 properties across the street which have become 5 homes. That tree is a spruce, but at this point it’s really just half a spruce since the builder defoliated it up maybe 25 feet. I suppose all those ugly spruce needles were interfering with the view of his stonework. Sigh.


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