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Business development?

Just now….land line rings

Hi this is Alice from Fitser (?…lots of noise from other telemarketers in the background)
My name is Alice from Fitser.
And why are you calling me this morning, Alice, and what is a Fitser exactly?
We do online promotion and marketing and I’m calling to help you promote your business.
My business?
Yes we can promote your business.
Well, lately I’ve been playing a lot of old time clawhammer banjo. Can you help me promote that?
Oh yes.
And button accordion too?
Oh yes.
So Alice, how exactly are you going to promote my business?
We can promote your business by building you a website to increase your online presence and everything.
Wow that sounds exciting Alice but here is the thing. You are trying to get business by calling people at home who may or may not actually have businesses. That doesn’t seem like a very smart way to promote your business, does it?
I’m not trying to promote our business, I’m trying to promote your business.
Oh I see. Well Alice, I don’t have a budget for promoting my banjo playing just now so I won’t be hiring you. It would be really great if you didn’t call me at home anymore. Think you might be able to take my name off your list?
Thank you Alice and have a nice day.
OK bye.


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