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A Canada Day movie matinee

I took The Partners for a good walk late this morning then Tuffy P and I trundled off to our local Cineplex to watch Baby Driver at the early show.

Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 2.55.55 PM.jpg

This flick sports a good cast, lumpy script, great soundtrack and action, action, action, complete with plenty of gunfire, explosions, gratuitous violence and driving crazy enough to make Jim Rockford envious.  There’s even a love story tossed into the works. It may not be a great movie but it sure is a lot of fun, nicely put together around the groovin’ soundtrack. Add to this the enjoyment of having a burger, beer and sweet potato fries in the seats at the VIP theatre and I was a happy camper. Recommended for those who want to leave real life behind and just get in the car and drive. Lots of fun!

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