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Another beautiful huge tree destroyed in South Long Branch

The huge walnut tree at 39 Twenty Seventh Street was destroyed today. The owner of the property is planning a re-build and apparently the Committee of Adjustment granted them the permit to take down this tree as well as two other walnuts in the back to make room. I spoke to the owner of the property this morning. She said, “I know, I like the tree, I had no choice.”


Crew getting ready to take down the walnut

Now here is what was left, last time I looked a couple hours ago…


What a shame.

The City of Toronto has an Urban Forestry department but unfortunately. they have not been very effective in protecting the canopy on our street.

There used to be a huge maple at #75 Twenty Seventh. The lot was split and a pair of soldier homes were erected, damaging the tree in the process. It took the tree a couple years to die, but die it did.

At #2 Twenty Seventh, 6 mature spruce were destroyed without a permit, leaving one huge silver maple left on the property. That tree was badly damaged by a city crew connecting up drains. From the email I received from the Forestry rep responsible:

We have visited the site and seen the trench that you have brought to our attention.  The injury incurred was committed by a City of Toronto contractor and not the property owner.  We will continue to investigate this breach of the City of Toronto municipal Code Chapter 813 Article II 6B.

It was observed by our staff that moderate root damage took place at the time of excavation.  Although it is anticipated that the tree will survive the root damage, it is unknown how it will affect the overall condition of the tree.

That was in December of 2015. The tree is almost dead now and the city has recently sprayed it with the orange mark of doom. Looks like it is going to be taken down soon.

Just to the north, along the same side of Twenty Seventh, the owner of 4 and 6 Twenty Seventh has taken down everything green in the front of those lots with the exception of one spruce tree which he has sadly defoliated up to about the 30 foot level.

I wish I could say I’m hopeful many new trees will be planted on our street, but based on what I’ve seen, I’m not. Fortunately we have a lush garden with several mature trees on our side of the street to take refuge in.

When we moved to Twenty Seventh Street, it was like Muskoka in the city, a condition which has been chipped away at steadily over the past few years. It’s really sad.



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