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Brains at City Hall

I trundled down to City Hall this morning to see the Brain Project brains at Nathan Phillips Square.


Ours is the one with the monarch butterfly mosaics.

Visit our page on the Brain Project site.


  1. G.R. ( Bob ) MARCHMENT

    Hi , got some news on the Brain, My son knows all about it, and people.

  2. Miss Polly

    So cool. I voted for you., or at least I hope I did it properly. Did you have a hard time deciding on theme or colours?

    • We both thought about butterfly mosaics and we easily agreed on the motifs and colours. The really challenging part for us was dealing with the undulating brain forms which made it challenging to apply a broad form and have it read without looking all distorted. We had to make adjustments in how we drew the form and as well, we had to adjust the size of the tiles to cope with the little hills and valleys.

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