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We’ve been watching Detectorists on Netflix. For those who have not heard of this show, it’s a British comedy show about two guys and their friends in a metal detecting club in a rural community in England. I enjoy the gentle, dry humour in this show, and as someone with more than his fair share of nerdy, arcane hobbies, I love these characters and their obsession. Many times I’ve found myself laughing out loud, and I suppose it’s the laugh of recognition.

These characters say they are interested in unearthing historical artifacts but all admit they really want to find treasure. Mostly they find buttons and pop tops and the occasional musket-ball, and often they find nothing at all – but they are convinced somewhere in the county lies the treasure of a Saxon king.

The show focuses on the interplay between the two main characters, Lance and Andy and their lives and relationships. After watching a season of the show, I feel like they’re old friends.

Highly recommended.


  1. Delighted you’ve found one of the very best comedy dramas of modern times.

    So brilliantly written and performed treating the audience as intelligent adults.

    Regards Thom.

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