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Getting our bike legs

Tuffy P signed us up for the 40 km MSBike Niagara ride on August 20. This is fine, except that neither of us had been on a bike all season. I dusted off the old bikes the other day. Looks like we have slow leaks in every tire but otherwise they’re working OK. We don’t have super-fancy bikes but they’re functional.


Hitting the trail

We’ve started riding, and the plan is to do a good ride every day between now and the 20th, so we’re in at least slightly better condition for the MSBike ride. This morning we pedaled to Port Credit and back. It was a lovely cool morning, perfect for biking, and we really enjoyed it. If it’s not raining tomorrow morning, I might extend that ride to Jack Darling Park.

I’d like to thank everyone who has sponsored me for the ride. If you’ve been meaning to but haven’t got around to it, please visit my page here.


Tuffy P with her trusty 3-speed


  1. Miss Polly

    Looking awesome although it is sad that we got the weather Tuffy P was expecting in a big sweat shirt in the midst of August. You inspired me to pump up the tires on my bike and ride around the neighbourhood admiring the Rose of Sharon yesterday. Go team 27th Street!!

    • Thanks so much for your support Miss Polly! Yesterday evening, we biked over to Marie Curtis and up the Etobicoke Creek trail. Very nice ride.

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