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Another big tree coming down in Long Branch


It is no surprise to anyone around here that the huge dying silver maple at 2 Twenty Seventh is being taken down. Here is the history.

The Committee of Adjustment approved the lot severance at 2 Twenty Seventh. We appealed to the OMB, who upheld the City decision.

On December 3, 2015, a City of Toronto crew removed the tree protection area and proceeded to dig a deep trench a few feet from the tree, severing main roots. I contacted Urban Forestry immediately.

We have visited the site and seen the trench that you have brought to our attention.  The injury incurred was committed by a City of Toronto contractor and not the property owner.  We will continue to investigate this breach of the City of Toronto municipal Code Chapter 813 Article II 6B.

And the follow-up…

It was observed by our staff that moderate root damage took place at the time of excavation.  Although it is anticipated that the tree will survive the root damage, it is unknown how it will affect the overall condition of the tree.

They were wrong. This season only a portion of the tree leafed out and it was clearly in trouble. I contacted Forestry again asking if there was anything that could be done to save the tree. Not long after that, a big orange spray paint blotch appeared on the tree, the splotch of doom.

I feel bad for the folks who bought the new homes during the winter, thinking they had a huge mature tree in front of the homes. I’m sure the City will plant a new tree, but it will be a twig in comparison to what was there. Of course the new property owners can plant additional trees and I hope they go ahead and do that.

This is the same property where 6 mature spruces were illegally destroyed. Last I heard, that mattter was still before the courts.

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