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I had my yearly eye doctor appointment at an office tucked away behind a glasses retailer. My prescription changed a wee bit last year but I didn’t change my glasses. This year it’s changed a wee bit again. Time for a new pair. On the way out they gave me a coupon for $50 off if I bought my glasses at the retailer. Now I’m not exactly the most fashionable guy on the block but I’m fussy about my glasses and usually buy swanky ones at a swanky retailer. The sales person at this store was on the ball though and as I was walking through the store, she asked if she could help me choose a pair of glasses.

I took off my current glasses and said, hey if you have frames I like as well as these I’m happy to give you my business. I tried a bunch of frames and texted some pics over to Tuffy P. Later, when she and I looked at the pics, we agreed that there was one pretty awesome pair we both liked, so today I went back to the store.

I showed the salesperson the frames I liked and she worked out prices depending¬† on the kind of lenses, anti-scratch stuff (or not), UV filter (or not) and so on. They had a special promotion on frames. She came up with a price and I pointed to my coupon card and said don’t forget the $50.

Oh that doesn’t apply because you got our special promotion on the frames.

That’s silly. I stopped and looked here because they gave me the coupon. You can’t just go and say it doesn’t apply.

I understand sir, but look at the discount you got on the frames.

Instead I looked at the coupon card, which clearly said, good along with other promotions. I pointed this out.

I’m sorry sir, I can’t give you both promotions.

Yes I’m sure you can.

Sorry, but I can only give you the larger promotion.

As nicely as I could, I said: I think you’re also going to give me the $50 off. It says on this card, in writing, that it’s good along with other promotions.

She was ready for this. She pulled out a laminated sheet of paper on the other promotion and pointed to the micro-print at the bottom, where sure enough it said this promotion voids other promotions.

I protested. You can’t offer someone a discount to get their business and then say it isn’t valid – especially when the coupon expressly says it’s good with other promotions. At this point I decided I wasn’t going to give them my business without the discount – on principle.

I’m sorry if I’m being stubborn on this point, but you’re going to have to give me the $50 off….if you want my business.

I was about to get up to leave when she said, OK I’ll give you the additional discount.

Friends again. Small victories.




  1. Fuckery, say !.

    I get my specs made at a big combine (Costco) which charges a fairly flat fee of $190 for glasses that can go up to $800 at my optometrist’s retail arm.

    Last time I used the optometrist’s store front, on a wild hair, the glasses fell apart once. Then twice. Fixed free, but no discount on the butt-gouging original price.

    Costco is still going strong after two years. I’m tired of being jacked for the privilege of seeing my hand in front of my face.

    • I’ve never shopped in a Costco, but it sounds like a good deal. I have some retirement benefits which will pay for some of my eyeglasses cost.

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