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Set the time machine for 1971

The other night at the Fair Grounds open mic, there was a trivia question for a prize – who performed in lieu of Bob Dylan at the Nobel presentation Easy-peasy – I shouted out Patti Smith. My prize for this wee nugget of knowledge was a DVD: Klute, the 1971 Alan J. Pakula flick, starring Jane Fonda as a call girl being stalked by one of her customers and Donald Sutherland as a private detective after the bad guy. We watched it last night.

The plot was nothing to write home about, but it was pretty well-written and very well-acted (with the exception of the junkie couple, neither of whom were very believable). The pace seemed a wee be slow for our 2017 tastes but what we think is slow today may well have come across as suspenseful at the time. Hard to say.

We’ve got a few more old movies around to watch. Next up: the 1966 flick about a crew of miniaturized scientists (including Rachel Welch) driving around inside some guy’s body to fix a blood clot and save the scientist-patient’s important secrets. I remember enjoying this one as a little tyke. We’ll see if it holds up.



  1. Fantastic Voyage! I loved that thing; as an anatomy buff I always fantasized being able to tour a human body from the inside like that, and then they made a movie about it.

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