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Upcoming Exhibition

I have an exhibition of new work coming up, called Shapeworks, at yumart gallery.


Earthbound, oil on masonite – 2017

yumart gallery is located at 401 Richmond here in Toronto. The gallery is on the lower concourse – enter from the NE door near Peter St and the gallery is right there. The show will be on October 7-28. Due to the Thanksgiving weekend, the opening reception will be Saturday October 14, 2:00 – 4:00 pm. 

At some point after my last exhibition, I began to feel I had reached a kind of cul-de-sac in the studio. That vague feeling of restlessness about my painting did not come with a blueprint for the future, just a desire to change my way of thinking about image-making. One day I came across a wooden 5 in a junk store which quickly became the work called Slant 5.  I enjoyed its boldness and starkness, and the way it broke out of the expected picture plane. Slant 5 stopped me in my tracks and prompted me to question all sorts of assumptions I had about image making. The work in this exhibition is the result of that questioning.

Gallery hours are: Wednesday – Saturday, noon – 6:00
Gallery phone: 647- 447-9274
Gallery email:



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