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Department of Stuff that Bugs my Butt

You’re in your local grocery story, and for many things it’s a good grocery store and you shop there all the time and you like the cashiers, many of whom live in the neighbourhood. You’re shopping for some chicken for dinner and you pick up a package of drumsticks or thighs or whatever, and………you realize instantly this was a bad idea.

You’re now covered with raw chicken juice and plenty of it because the packages are poorly wrapped and dripping wet. This was me this afternoon and it’s the second time in two weeks it’s happened. I really dislike getting chicken goo all over me. You’d think I’d learn to arm myself with a bag from the vegetable department before shopping for chicken.

Today there happened to be an employee around, who kindly found me a piece of paper towel so I could at least wipe off most of it. He said they don’t even wrap the stuff in the store, that it comes in like this. I wanted to scream, wrapping the chicken well is not a FRILL, (damn it all to Hell). It is not even close to safe and sanitary having chicken goo booby-traps in the store.

I asked a cashier as pleasantly as I was able, to please talk to the folks who run the joint, and pass on the message that dripping chicken goo wouldn’t go over well should a food inspector stumble upon the mess.

They can do better.

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