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Credible explanations?

Today, CEOs of our biggest grocery stores are explaining to a Parliamentary Committee how come their profits are so high as food prices have escalated at a breakneck pace. No doubt they will supply credible explanations. I might even believe them – except it seems… Read More

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Home Depot Hi-Jinx

If you’ve followed the news over the past couple days, you will have read or heard about Home Depot getting caught selling customer data to the folks at Facebook without customer permission. Since 2018, they’ve been asking customers at checkout if we would like to… Read More

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Thank you Mr. Weston

That Mr. Weston. He’s always thinking about his customers and how to improve the grocery shopping experience. Like when they tried out price-fixing on bread on a massive scale, so we wouldn’t be confused with all those different prices. Now they’ve got a new idea,… Read More

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Amazon Fail

What’s going on with Amazon? Recently 3 items I’ve ordered through them have disappeared. They have not been delivered and Amazon has been unable to tell me where they might be. With the shipper? Sitting in a warehouse? Lost or stolen? Who knows? I’ve had… Read More

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Billionaires in Space

It says a lot about our society that there are people who have such a disproportionately huge amount of money they can piss it away making spaceships and launching themselves. Too bad. They had an opportunity to be heroes by using their obscene amounts of… Read More

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Everywhere, Coffee Cups

Everywhere I go, I see disposable coffee cups littered on the ground. Today I went for a walk through the lovely naturalized parkland at Humber Bay and picked up one from Tim Horton’s and another from Starbucks. The cup in the photo was steps from… Read More

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Grocery Store Apocalypse

Until recently, along the front of my local No Frills store, there were bins full of empty boxes, the idea being that customers were welcome to take a box or two if they needed them, and I suppose since the store had to dispose of… Read More