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We were in dreamland, way down in deep sleep when the doorbell rang. It was followed by a loud, insistent knock. I staggered out of bed pulled on a bathrobe and started down the stairs. Whoever was outside had a flashlight and was shining it all around. Halfway down the stairs I heard, POLICE.

Yeah, yeah, I’m coming. I was still half asleep. The dogs were hiding in the kitchen. They wanted no part of this action. I opened the door.

Do you have a small girls bike on your lawn?


Oh, he’s been going down the street with it then.

What’s going on? What time is it?

It’s about 1:00


They’re filming on your street and their trucks are parked out here (one of our neighbours rents out his house for commercial and tv shoots and the crews invade the neighbourhood the night before). Some guy’s been going down the street trying to get into open vehicle doors. Did you lock your car?

Um, yeah I think so. I stepped outside in bathrobe and bare feet and double-checked, making sure nothing was amiss.

Another guy walked across the street. He wasn’t in uniform.

He took off down that way on the bike. I couldn’t catch him.

Do any of your neighbours have cameras?

I’m not sure. The guy across the street had one on the hydro pole for a while. I don’t know if he has one now.

The officer shined his light into the window of the Subaru. I see there’s glasses in there and a bit of change. That may be nothing to you but it’s a lottery for these guys.

Oh, ok. Glad to see you’re out here. Good night.

The dogs were already fast asleep when I came back in. I wish it was so easy for us.


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