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The Thoroughly Modern Hits of the Day

That’s where it’s at.


The photo on this album cover has been reversed, likely so that they could put the band name over the head of the banjo on the left rather than the right side. It’s difficult to see in the photo but on the actual album you can see by looking at the head-stock that the name of the manufacturer, Kay, is backwards. I’m guessing that whoever was hired to do the album got hold of whatever banjos were readily available for the photo. I’m sure a group with such a lofty name as The Banjo Barons would be using swankier banjos.

This record was a thoughtful gift from a friend (thanks Bob). I’ll have to set up the old turntable to play it. Meanwhile I thought I’d check out The Banjo Barons on the YouTube machine.

Here they are playing Mama Don’t Allow. They seem to be kind of a ragtime band. As you can see they not only play banjo, they also wear great outfits.

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