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Facebook memes

I don’t like facebook memes and so I don’t do them. To me they are simply the chain letters of our times. To all those who “challenge” me or ask me to copy and paste to show I care about a disease or a social problem or help someone get a squillion likes or whatever else, please don’t take offense. Deciding to not perpetuate these things doesn’t mean I’m an uncaring ogre or a poor friend. I think you know that.

Sure some memes such as the take 7 b&w photos one which has been raging around seem harmless (and certainly easier to take than the one involving pouring buckets of water over people), and when I was challenged I felt for a moment like maybe I was being a spoilsport or a killjoy when I said no, but if people think that of me, I’ll get over it. That’s how these memes are meant to make you feel.




  1. I’m with you. For one thing, I have enough to do, erither from obligation or inspiration, to add something that amounts to a chore undertaken to show I’m one of the posse. Rarely, one of these things comes along that srtikes me as a fun thing to do anyway… I just can’t remember the last time. I think it was some kind of Favorite Blogger tag.

    Honestly it reminds me of the “activity books” that for all I know are still sold to keep children busy and out of your hair on a rainy day or a road trip. (The solution to that of course is to have no kids or anything to do with them, then the people who create the “activity books” would have to get real jobs.)

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