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Other Instruments

It occurred to me that I’m drawn to music that features a different set of instruments than the two guitars, bass and drums used by so many pop bands. One of the things I love about old country music, for instance is the ever-present pedal steel. My dad listened to a lot of old jazz and the interplay of horns fascinated me. Later, when I first heard Clifton Chenier play boogies on his big piano accordion, I was hooked.

No wonder I fell hard for the banjo. Although today it’s been creeping into pop music, back in the day no self-respecting rockin’ guitar-slinger would give it the time of day. Here’s Jerron Paxton on banjo, what he calls the people’s instrument.

This morning I was surfing around the YouTube and came across a performance of L’inconnu de Limoise, featuring button accordion, pipes, a stand-up bass, and 3-count-em-3 hurdy gurdies. Stopped me in my tracks. Love these guys.

Ever heard the Nykelharpa? Here’s Griselda Sanderson

This post is a shout-out to all the great musicians who play the “other instruments”!

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