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Tis the season….for WHAT?

I ventured into my local Canadian Tire store this morning. The big Christmas machine was in full swing. Christmas music. Loud Christmas music, the kind that sounds like sappy pop music with lyrics all about presents under the tree and shopping lists and like that. Displays everywhere. Already on a Monday morning and the place was a-bustlin’. I found the items I came for and headed straight for the cash.

As I checked out, I noticed what for this store is a big change. They had security scanning machines set up at the door, which was manned by a uniformed security guard. I guess it isn’t just the season for giving and shopping but for shop-lifting as well.

I went through the scanners at the same time as another shopper. Bells went off. I waited to see if it was me or the other shopper who set them off. It was her. She had checked out at the cash next to the one I was at and she was holding her receipt. I hung back to watch. The security guard ushered her back to the end of a cash desk. He was very friendly to her and did some magic to one of the items, wished her a good day and she was on her way….almost. The bells went off again and the guard motioned for her to go back to the end of the cash, again. She sighed and went back, having more patience than I would have had.

There must be a serious amount of shoplifting going on to make it worthwhile for the store to install the equipment and pay Buddy to stand there and deal with folks every time the bells go off. I wonder if thieves for the most part stop when the bells ring at the exit or just keep on going. I can’t imagine that security guard chasing down a petty thief.



  1. Miss Polly

    Today at Lee Valley Tools, on my annual Christmas trip for useless but fun junk for people, there were two pay duty police officers in the store. Two. I wondered if people got rowdy when their item was out of stock or due to having to take a number??? Lee Valley Tools has a fill out a form and take it to the counter system. What could people be stealing?

    • It’s easy to drop a lot of money at that place. One way or another, they must be worried about losing profits. Good to hear from you, Miss Polly.

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