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The Longest Mosaic Wall in the World

It runs along a busy roadway parallel to the Red River in Hanoi for 4 miles and it is spectacular. Nobody at the hotel knew what we were talking about, although I’d bet the people we asked had driven along it on their scooters many times. We had a cab drop us most of the way along the wall and we walked along it in the other direction.

This ceramic mural was unbelievably extensive and varied.

Meanwhile on the road, thousands of motorbikes honked and jostled past.

At one point we stumbled into a morning produce market on the other side of the wall, vendors all around with heaps of veggies and fruit. In many places it was like the other side of the wall was a whole different world of hole in the wall businesses and residences.


  1. This is amazing!! I can just imagine you 2 coming up with a similar idea somewhere in our wonderful city–but where?!! After all Toronto is a mosaic when it comes to cultures!! Did you just “stumble” upon this or was this discovered in your pre-trip research?I imagine the latter! Thanks for sharing.

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